Maya Estefina Dendeng

Maya Estefina Dendeng

Parents of Jonas Jefferson Tiwow, Communication Major


“As a parent, I see that UBM not only provides education, knowledge, and insights to my child but also pays great attention to the developments happening in the world. This has allowed my child to not only excel in their chosen field but also to think critically and assist me in growing my business. Thank you, UBM.”

Fransiscus Asisi Suyono

Fransiscus Asisi Suyono

Parents of Andreas Praditya, Communication Major

  •  Tarakanita 2 Pluit Highschool Principal

“Bunda Mulia University has proven itself to be one of the best private universities in Indonesia. This is evident in the fact that UBM not only focuses on academics but also wholeheartedly shapes character, determination, social life, and spiritual well-being. Keep up the good work, UBM! May UBM continue to prosper in the future.”

sampe siburian

Sampe Siburian

Parents of Stephane Gerald Dreiser, Hospitality & Tourism Major

  • Director of CV. BONANA (Bonana Coffee)
  • Director of PT. ICBIC NUSANTARA

“UBM has nurtured my child’s mindset concept and application, resulting in remarkable progress in character, social life, independence, and their vision for the future. Currently, my child is continuing their education at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia. All of this is thanks to the strong vision, mindset, and excellent independence they gained at UBM. Bravo, UBM, and let Indonesian education continue to advance!”


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Glenys Octavia

  • Presenter & Producer at Kompas TV
  • Alumnus of UBM Communication Major

“Bunda Mulia University offers a Communication Science program with an A accreditation. Here, I had the opportunity to participate in various competitions. UBM also provides scholarships to students, making the cost of tuition more affordable.”


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Benny Prawira

  • Gen. T. List Tatler Asia Recognition: “For Making The Treatment of Mental Health Acceptable & Accessible”
  • Founder Into The Light Indonesia
  • Alumnus of UBM Psychology Major

“Being at Bunda Mulia University has enabled me to acquire excellent knowledge for my career, supported by adequate facilities. All of this was highly affordable for me due to the many scholarship programs offered when I was searching for a place to study.”


Lydia-Liliana (1) - Lydia Liliana

Lydia Liliana

  • Scrum Master PT Dipo Star Finance
  • Alumnus of UBM Information System Major

“I chose UBM because it boasts excellent accreditation and affordable tuition fees. UBM provides opportunities for students to achieve both academic and non-academic accomplishments through various student programs, especially in the Information Systems (IS) program. UBM students easily pursue their dream careers, supported by comprehensive modern facilities.”


Robert Maramis

Robert M. Setiawan

  • Senior Manager Mobile Engineering Enterprise Digital Technology Service (EDTS)
  • Alumnus of UBM’s Informatics Major

“When I was searching for a computer science program, UBM offered affordable tuition fees. Upon further research, I discovered that the Computer Science program at UBM was rapidly evolving. Ultimately, I decided to join UBM without hesitation.”


Marshya Edit

Marshya Aleorus

  • Head of Social Media & Community Relationship PT Bank Central Asia Tbk
  • Alumni Prodi Ilmu Komunikasi UBM

“Being far from home can be daunting, especially for students like me who come from different regions. However, the ‘security’ provided by UBM’s facilities is what convinced me to choose UBM. Of course, UBM’s curriculum and instructors have also proven their quality. The cost is affordable as well, so I can confidently say that studying at UBM is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


Andy Bahtiyar

Andy Bahtiyar

  • Senior Chef at Atlas Beach Club, Bali
  • Alumnus of UBM’s Hospitality & Tourism Major 

“At UBM, the program choices are comprehensive, with an industry-oriented curriculum supported by academicians who are also industry practitioners. This means that during their studies, students not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also gain insights into working in the industry. Furthermore, UBM’s internship program provides opportunities to hone our skills in both domestic and international companies collaborating with UBM. Through this internship program, I witnessed tangible evidence of UBM’s well-implemented vision and mission, resulting in graduates who excel in their respective fields.”


Hendia Hansen

Hendia Hansen

  • Senior Creative Production Lead Lemonilo
  • Alumnus of UBM’s Visual Communication Design Major

“UBM is a campus equipped with facilities that support my chosen program of study, which is Visual Communication Design (DKV). There are photography studios, design labs, art galleries, and many other resources that greatly facilitate practical activities. Additionally, UBM has a wide network, making it easier for students to pursue On-The-Job Training (OJT) or find employment opportunities.”

Hernando Santoso

Hernando Santoso

  • Founder & CEO Konnichiwa Group
  • Alumnus of UBM’s Visual Communication Design Major

“When I graduated from high school, there were very few universities that offered a Visual Communication Design (DKV) program. UBM was one of the first to offer this program. DKV is a field I am passionate about; I love design, and I am someone who appreciates visuals. I decided to pursue a college education because it serves as the fundamental basis for the field we want to specialize in. For students who are considering DKV, it’s essential to be dedicated during your college journey because it forms the foundation for in-depth learning and will prove valuable in your future career.”


Silvia Gunawan

  • Assistant Manager PT. KPMG Siddharta Advisory
  • Alumnus of UBM’s Accounting Major 

“One of the most memorable aspects of my college experience at UBM was the excellent academic environment. The professors provided clear and easily understandable instruction, laying the foundation for us to enter the professional world. Additionally, my peers were friendly, and we engaged in various student activities that broadened our horizons. When preparing for a career, I conducted research and had open discussions with my professors to gain valuable insights. For those interested in studying accounting, make sure to pay close attention to the professors during lectures and review the material at home.”

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Grace Natalia Putri Dharmaatja

  • Guest and Relation Officer Pullman Bandung Grand Central
  • Alumnus of UBM’s Academy of Tourism

“For those of you who prefer hands-on experience over just theoretical learning and want to build a strong foundation in your field of work, you’ll be a perfect fit for Bunda Mulia Academy of Tourism. Over the course of 6 semesters, there are 2 semesters where you’ll undergo on-the-job training in hotels. In the 6th semester, there’s a Gala Dinner event called Appreciation Parents Gathering, where all the preparations and operations are handled by students, and the guests are the parents of the students.”

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Vietyana Chloe

  • Content Creator
  • Alumnus of UBM’s Visual Communication Design Major

“Studying Visual Communication Design (DKV) at UBM is a lot of fun because not only are the professors cool and friendly, but there are also plenty of practical assignments that I can apply in the industry. Working on projects as a team is also quite common, which has been really beneficial for developing my social skills and creativity. The Visual Communication Design department at UBM is genuinely exciting because it’s filled with hands-on experiences, unlike many other campuses that focus more on theory.”

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  • Alumnus of UBM’s Management Undergraduate Program – 2010
  • Alumnus of UBM’s Management Graduate Program – 2015
  • Deputy CEO DAAI TV

“I completed both my undergraduate (S1) and graduate (S2) degrees at UBM. For me, UBM’s education system was an ideal choice as I could study while working. The theories I acquired at UBM could be immediately applied in the professional world. My job demands expertise in various aspects of management, including marketing, operations, finance, and especially strategic decision-making. I am confident that studying at UBM can yield concrete results in our career journey. Bunda Mulia University – Bridging Education to the Real World!”

jerry yanto

Jerry Yanto

  • Alumnus of UBM Management Major
  • Regional Sales Manager PT. Belfoods Indonesia

“The current job market demands graduates who possess practical competence, not just theoretical knowledge. With instructors who are industry practitioners themselves, UBM graduates are well-prepared to compete. I take pride in being a UBM alumni.”

matt jun

Matt Junior

  • Alumnus of UBM’s Informatics Major – 2010
  • CEO Mediatics Digital Indonesia
  • Google Regional Trainer

“My experience as a Campus Representative at UBM has taught me many valuable skills, ranging from public speaking to event organization and marketing. When combined with the technical knowledge gained in the classroom, UBM played a significant role in my career in the field of online advertising, eventually leading to the successful launch of my own startup. Big thanks to UBM!”


stephane gerald

Stephane Gerald Dreiser

Alumnus of UBM’s Academy of Tourism – 2013

  • Vice II Abang Jakarta Utara 2014
  • Certificate III in Patisserie Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney (2018)
  • Certificate IV in Patiserrie William Angliss Institute, Sydney (2019)
  • Deputy Director PT ICBIC NUSANTARA, Batam (2019)
  • Co-Founder Qkap Ice Cream, Batam (2013) Praktisi
  • Co-Founder G. Coffee, Batam (2019)

“The three years I spent studying at Bunda Mulia Academy of Tourism were instrumental in shaping my career and studies abroad. The one-year internship program, split into two different periods, helped me determine my career path in the hospitality industry. The abundance of internationally standardized courses made my transition to studying in Australia relatively smooth. Besides the internship program and internationally recognized courses, AKPAR BM also provided opportunities to join industry communities and associations, even allowing me to participate in the Abang None Jakarta Utara 2014 event. It was through these various activities that I built my character and career, eventually enabling me to pursue further education and work in Australia. Currently, I have returned to Indonesia to develop the Food & Beverage and Food Service industry.”


Angga Permana

  • Alumnus of UBM’s Communication Major – 2009
  • Editorial Content Team Lead iPrice Group Sdn Bhd

“Armed with the knowledge of communication I gained from UBM, I can now personally experience its benefits in pursuing an international career and competing with employees from various countries around the world. The experiences I gained at UBM have made me a more tolerant individual with a more open-minded perspective on the world. Bunda Mulia University truly serves as a bridge to the professional world, both domestically and internationally. The significant adaptability I developed during my time at AKPAR BM was invaluable. Aside from the international internship program and internationally standardized courses, I also had the opportunity to join hospitality/tourism industry communities and associations, even participating in the Abang None Jakarta Utara 2014 event. It was through these various activities that I built my character and career, ultimately allowing me to pursue further education and work in Australia. Currently, I have returned to Indonesia to contribute to the Food & Beverage and Food Service industry.”



  • Alumnus of UBM’s Mandarin Language Major- 2012
  • Brand Category Manager Jetcommerce Indonesia

“Choosing Bunda Mulia University as my educational institution was an excellent decision. With a focus on Business Chinese, the lessons I received were not only beneficial for social interactions but also for my professional life. I believe that UBM can serve as a bridge for students to embark on a better career path in the professional world.”