Our Founder

Djoko Susanto

Founder and Educational Foundation Executive of Bunda Mulia

The quality of reliable and professional human resources is one of the keys to develop a great nation. In line with the previous statement, my ambition and commitment in developing Bunda Mulia University is closely in relation with the development of excellent quality human through education.

Established from this idea is the Bunda Mulia Educational Foundation (YPBM) with its next development being Bunda Mulia School, Bunda Mulia School (SPK), Bunda Mulia University as well as the Bunda Mulia Tourism Academy. The belief that “Learning and hard work is the key to success” makes YPBM the implementation of my commitment in helping establish graduates of Indonesia who excels in character, science, and work skills.

With the availability of supporting facilities, reliable lecturers and teaching staff, as well as a curriculum with enriching applicative concepts about the industrial world, Bunda Mulia university and Bunda Mulia Tourism Academy are trusted foundations for maximizing self potential. Moreover, the network of business and industrial cooperations that has long been cultivated by UBM as one part of the Alfa Group is one of the strengths owned by Bunda Mulia University and Bunda Mulia Tourism Academy to lead potential nation leaders to succeed professionally.

YPBM provides a large contribution as well as the broadest opportunities for the young generation of Indonesia to be able to enroll into our universities through financial support in the means of scholarships to those who excel in academics and non-academics fields.

Thank you to the academicians for their trust in choosing Bunda Mulia university as a partner to achieve their dream of a glorious future. Congratulations and I wish you success in your journey towards excellence.