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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I want to submit an ABDIMAS proposal?

UBM lecturers can register their ABDIMAS implementation plan by submitting an e-proposal at and submitting the proposal, Excel file, and materials at at least H-1 (working day) before the event.

Where can I obtain the ABDIMAS proposal and report templates?

The ABDIMAS proposal and report templates can be obtained in the Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (Community Service) handbook or at the following links:

ABDIMAS Proposal

Participant Satisfaction Questionnaire for Community Service Activities

Community Service Report

Are the incidental and non-incidental ABDIMAS proposals the same?

Incidental (unprogrammed) and non-incidental (programmed) ABDIMAS are distinguished based on their duration. Incidental ABDIMAS is carried out for less than 1 month, while non-incidental ABDIMAS is carried out for more than 1 month. The proposal templates for both are basically the same. The difference lies in the number of students involved. Incidental ABDIMAS requires students to be involved with a minimum of 1, while non-incidental ABDIMAS requires a minimum of 5 students.

Should the Ancol and Serpong ABDIMAS proposals be submitted from two different campuses?

Yes, upload two identical proposals from different campuses. Please adjust them according to the template as listed in point 2 above.

When is the deadline for uploading the ABDIMAS proposal?

H-1 (working day) from the date of the activity. For activities on Saturday and Sunday, please submit them at least on Thursday.

What should I submit to obtain the ABDIMAS assignment letter and certificate?

A complete report including attachments, as follows:

A summary of the activity implementation that includes Introduction, Implementation Method, Results, and Discussion in 150-200 words along with 5 keywords.

Documentation in the form of photos or screenshots of the activity implementation, with a minimum of 3 photos or screenshots of the entire speakers, students, and participants.

A press release of 100-150 words that contains the 5W+1H components (What, Why, Who, When, Where, and How).

An Excel file of feedback (link spreadsheet) on a scale of 1-4.

An attendance list (can be attached directly or via a link to a spreadsheet). The attendance list includes names, mobile phone numbers, or email addresses.

A certificate stating that the community service has been carried out, a confirmation form of participation, or a certificate issued by the implementing partner.

The report approved by the Academic leader is submitted through to obtain the approval of the Directorate of P3M leader.

What is the duration of processing the ABDIMAS administrative documents (approval, assignment letter, and certificate)?

The P3M report processing takes 7 working days after the implementing head reports it through the link and is declared appropriate.

Is there a grant for ABDIMAS activities?

Yes. The proposal can only be submitted by a Universitas Bunda Mulia home base lecturer with a confirmed NIDN. All proposing lecturers must have registered in SINTA and have a SINTA ID. New lecturers who do not yet have an NIDN can only be members. The proposal can be submitted through the link.